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BDC Rules

•  The bridle number must appear on both sides of the horse

•  Tests can be posted out if you leave a stamped self address envelope

•  Ribbons will not be posted out but we are happy for you to collect your ribbon at the next event

•  Results will be posted on the website at least a couple of days after the competition

•  No dogs please at all events

• Please leave stables as you found them

 Our rule change in the event of a scratching:

•  Only Admin Fee and Volunteer Levy will be non-refundable.

•  The rest of the entry money will be refunded if you can produce a vet certificate or doctors certificate.

 • All entries through Nominate

December 10 Christmas comp cancelled

It was with great regret that the Bowral Dressage Club Committee decided on Tuesday, November 14, to cancel our December 10 competition.

Without member help and input, we simply don’t have the person power to run a competition -  even one as informal, fun and low-key as our Christmas “do” has traditionally been. It’s hard enough to accept having to cancel events due to bad weather (and goodness knows, that happens enough!), but to cancel due to lack of person power is just awful.

The BDC Committee has worked tirelessly for years. We’ve fund-raised, scrimped and saved to finally achieve what is arguably the best quality regional dressage facility in NSW, and possibly, the Eastern Seaboard. We’ve overcome so many hassles - Council, mistakes, fragile bases, concrete surrounds, sand too deep, sand too shallow, drainage issues, watering issues,  boggy accesses, parking, you name it - to get to the best point in the Club’s history: five beautiful, safe arenas, all of which ride beautifully for Prep and Grand Prix alike.

It is, therefore, extremely ironic to have achieved this and yet be unable to run a competition because we don’t have enough people to help. It’s not just a question of doing an hour or two of pencilling or gear checking, although that help is obviously greatly needed and hugely appreciated.

 With three new exceptions, your entire Committee has been slogging away for years. We are tired. We’ve managed funds well. We’ve had support from wonderful sponsors. We’ve kept everything about the members. We’ve produced a wonderful facility since our dream started at Bong Bong in 2004.

So.......competitions at Bowral Dressage Club are on hold until the Committee has tangible, committed support. We have re-acquired a (paid) Event Secretary, but we need a Minutes Secretary immediately. We have descriptions for jobs which, if shared, are not too onerous or time-consuming.








Comp dates for 2017:  Sun 19 February;  Sun 26 March; Sun 18 June; Sun 6 August; Sun 24 September; Sun 10 December

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