Our Competitions

Bowral Dressage Club Inc. run 6 competitions per year from our home grounds at Bong Bong Racecourse, Kangaloon in the picturesque Southern Highlands, 1.5 hours from Sydney. We strive for a relaxed friendly atmosphere and endeavour to make everyone feel welcome, whether you are a first-time dressage competitor or a seasoned professional. We offer both participant and competitive tests in Preliminary and Novice levels at all our competitions.

Draws are sent out approximately one week before the competition date. For details regarding ‘how to scratch’, please see information accompanying the draw, or if the draw is not yet available, please email events@bowraldressage.com.au

Front of House is located in The Pavillion where volunteers can present on the day or any questions regarding the draw can be answered. 

For our lucky place getters, we award ribbons to sixth place – be sure to collect your ribbon from Front of House after you receive your test paper.



  • Maximum of six tests per rider and three tests per horse, with no more than two consecutive levels per horse allowed e.g. Novice/Elementary.
  • Riders must be a member of Bowral Dressage Inc. or Equestrian Australia to compete in Closed Un-Restricted classes.
  • Riders entering Competitive classes must be current competitive members of EA and horses must be registered and have a current license to compete in Competitive classes. Owners must also be current members of EA.
  • Riders who are Bowral Dressage Inc. members, but NOT Equestrian Australia members will be covered by Bowral Dressage Inc. Public Liability Insurance. Any riders wishing to have Personal Liability Insurance will need to obtain Equestrian Australia membership.
  • Callers are permitted.
  • Bridle numbers should be supplied with the entry and should be worn in competition. To obtain a bridle number for your horse, contact Equestrian NSW. The Dressage rule 1.15.10 states that two numbers are required – one on either side of the horse. They can be attached to either side of the bridle or saddle cloth when competing and they must be clearly readable. Bridle numbers must be worn during the event when the horse is either being ridden, lunged, led or is grazing.
  • If a horse is graded, it may only compete at its graded level or above, or HC in a lower level.
  • Refunds will not be given for scratchings received after closing date unless a doctor or veterinary certificate is supplied. 50% of the total entry fee paid will be refunded.
  • If a rider pays member rates and is not a current financial member of Bowral Dressage Inc the entry will be cancelled and entry fees will be refunded except for admin fee of $10.00.
  • Competitors do have an option to join Bowral Dressage Inc. at the time of entry of an event.